Indian Head Gold Eagle Mintages

The mintages for the Indian Head Gold Eagle series range from a low of 30,100 to a high of more than 4 million. Production would take place at the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint. In the earlier years of the series, sometimes eagles were struck at all three facilities, but in the later years, production was typically confined to only one facility.

As with other gold coin series of this era, the original mintage is often greatly impacted by the extent of circulation, the existence of hoards in European banks, and most importantly the mass meltings after the recall of federal gold in 1933. These factors often result in seemingly common issues becoming quite rare, or in the case of surviving hoards, seemingly rare issues becoming relatively common.

A few cases in point are the 1920-S Indian Gold Eagle, which had a relatively high mintage but saw heavy circulation and melting, and the 1933 Indian Gold Eagle, which was struck in high quantity but recalled and melted after only a few coins were released.

1907 Rolled Edge, Periods 50
1907 No Periods 239,406
1908 No Motto 33,500
1908-D No Motto 210,000
1908 With Motto 341,370
1908-D With Motto 836,500
1908-S 59,850
1909 184,789
1909-D 121,540
1909-S 292,350
1910 318,500
1910-D 2,356,640
1910-S 811,000
1911 505,500
1911-D 30,100
1911-S 51,000
1912 405,000
1912-S 300,000
1913 442,000
1913-S 66,000
1914 151,000
1914-D 343,500
1914-S 208,000
1915 351,000
1915-S 59,000
1916-S 138,500
1920-S 126,500
1926 1,014,000
1930-S 96,000
1932 4,463,000
1933 312,500