1933 Indian Head Eagle

In January and February of 1933, the Philadelphia Mint struck 312,500 examples of the 1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle. In the following month, President Franklin D. Roosevelt would issue an executive order banning the private ownership of gold. The release of gold coins from the Mint was halted and vast quantities of federal gold were recalled and melted.

As opposed to the situation for the famous 1933 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, a small number of 1933-dated Indian Head Eagles were released prior to the order issued by the President and thus were always viewed as legal to own. Out of the original mintage, it has been estimated that possibly 30-40 examples of the coin still exist, with most in high mint state grades.

The 1933 Indian Gold Eagle generates significant interest when it appears at auction, due to its scarcity and storied history. PCGS and NGC have certified a combined 37 pieces, with the finest graded PCGS MS65+ and NGC MS 66.

In recent years, examples graded MS65 have sold for prices ranging from $359,375 to $552,000.